Sunday, January 23, 2011

RSS Feed

Testing out what would happen in the RSS Feed if I cancel a posting right after I publish it....

Like email... once sent... no recall function... 8-O lol


Got bored with the groundhog day of recovering all over again, I decided to try something new out...

I created yet another blog... Ratology... pulling postings from Ratology Reloaded, Down with meds recovered and my private blog Ratology at heal in one place.

The process is simple.  You expert the blogs and save them onto your computer.  You create a new blog... populating it with data from the other blogs by importing those files you just downloaded through blogger (check here for more detailed on this simple process).


One thing I like best about this importing and exporting thing is that, if you had assigned labels consistently, blogger automatically consolidates postings from all sources under the same label... On a second thought, if you want to differentiate postings by original sources as well, you might have to make sure the labels in the original sources are different and do the consolidation manually afterward.

Speaking of old wine in the new bottle... The story of my life...sort of like... so very same old same old that I will die of boredem before pain or anything else already specified gazillion a time. 8-O lol 8-X

A screenshot of the Ratology private blog.

(This is cross-posted in Ratology Reloaded.)