Monday, June 22, 2009

Resources on Twitter in Education

Following are some of the resources I have processed so far concerning the use of Twitter in education.

Following is an introduction slideshow about how and what to do with Twitter in Education. It also provides links to other relevant slides.

Ideas about what you can do with twitter

  1. 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Education
  2. Twitter Tweets for Higher Education
  3. Twitter Tips: for Teachers and Educators: everything you need to know to start up your twittering venture... shortening URL, #hashtags etc...
  4. Twitter-cheat-sheet: another document providing all that you need to know about how to use twitter..

The lessons learned through the use of Twitter in Education

  1. Classroom2.0: Twitter, and participatory learning: The interesting thing about this article is that the author shares with us the lessons learned through the use of twitter in her teaching, including both the experiences of the students and some tips about implementations.
  2. Professors experiment with Twitter as teaching tool: In this article, two professors were mentioned who tried to use Twitter in class.
  3. 10 Ways Journalism Schools Are Teaching Social Media: This article provides examples about the use of social media such as facebook, twitter etc in schools of journalism
  4. Roosevelt High School

  5. The Twitter Experiment - UT Dallas

Educause: Four articles I came across on the Educause website.

  1. Apprehending the Future: Emerging Technologies, from Science Fiction to Campus Reality one of the nice sounding quote I found in this article.... "Crowdsourcing has gradually become popular as a strategy for groups to solve problems. This method involves packaging a problem in such a way as to invite non-expert contributions and then distributing that request for help to the world at large."
  2. "Where Do You Learn?": Tweeting to Inform Learning Space Development Sort of like the use of online discussion forums, the authors consider tweeter as a new means of conducting research...
  3. Collaboration Tools: This articles provides some fairly general information about collaboration tools such as Twitter and google doc
  4. 7 Things You Should Know About Twitter: This is the debut of Twitter in Educause publications. Another one of the introductory article about twitter

Applications you could use with Twitter:

TwitPic: TwitPic provides the photo-sharing capacity for Twitter. You use the same login info used for Twitter to get into TwitPic. After you specify the file to upload, you could also decide whether you want an update to be posted to Twitter.

The author of this picture to the left, for instance, uploaded this picture when he was on the ferry--- which was on its way to rescue the passengers on the plane. This link leads you to the original picture posting; the next link shows you the update associated with the upload of the picture

TweetDesk: This is a standalone application that sort of look like a browser. It is still in its beta version. It allows you to perform tasks such as sending messages and pix to twitter and twitpic dirrectly. It also shows you other message updates such as where your name has been mentioned.

In addition, you could also add twitter related widgets to your blog or facebook...

Please check the Twiter Fan Wiki for more applications:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What to do when you lost Canon Software CD

I uninstalled a part of Canon software by mistake and decided to take everything off...

When trying to locate the original CD, I found that I couldn't find it...

Then, I decided to look for the software in Canon's website...

Unfotunately, for both the zoombrowser and photostitch, the company provides you only with the updater software... In other words, you would need to have the original software installed on your computer in order for you to install the newer version...

After looking all over on the web, I found a source where one could download the zoombrowser version 2.2 (zoombrsr22). After having the older version installed, I was able to run the updater software and upgrade the zoombrowser to its current version.

However, I would not really recommend this method since there is no telling whether one might be downloading and installing anything more than the zoombrowser program.

At the same time, after I ran the zoombrowser program, I realised that the Photostitch program was still not available and I still need to find the CD to have the stitching component available..

It is then did I found this website, which provides an alternative method to run the updater software when one could not locate the original CD....

Essentially, what one has to do is to create add a key in the registry for the software program one intents to install... Once the appropriate registry key is created, one could run the updater program and have the program installed.

I tried it out for the PhotoStitch program and it worked like wonder!

At the same time, please beware that it is not really recommended as well for one to be playing with the registeries...

So I thought... why doesn't Canon simply make the software programs downloadable so that people who have spent tons of money buying their camera don't have to go through the whole 9-yards trying to figure out what to do to get the software programs back...