Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to replace Water Heater Battery? 更換熱水器電池

First time in my life to know that Water Heater (熱水器) is actually powered by electricity through a 1.5 V battery and got the battery replaced successfully.

1.  Look under the water heater to find where the battery is.
2.  Open the cover and take out the old 1.5 V battery
3.  Insert the new battery (make sure the +- is right) and close the cover
4.  Turn the hot water on to get the water heater to work

Voila!  C'est ca!

Of course, it is not like I figured it all out by myself... Not so smart.  Learned from this clip I found online.

(Man... feeling so very deprived and under-stimulated now that I don't work at a tech department where I can play with now technologies and  find strange problems to troubleshoot... :'-O)

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