Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Something more about my Canon PowerShot A570 IS camera

My grandpa Canon surprised me again with its sense of autonomy... post hoc... and as we were crossing the Tsim Ma Bridge of Hong Kong.

Almost like... you speak ill of me... me ain't gonna pay you no mind.  You don't speak ill of me... let me go along with your wish... especially when I am already so beaten down... lol

(OK... I might simply read to much into my grandpa Canon's mind. Just find it to be mighty interesting! lol)

The crash between Word and Endnote

Both Word and Endnote has been crashing left and right whenever I do the copying and pasting thing in Word since... forgot how long... .

It was only minor inconveniences when I was not working too much with the citation thing.  However, it started to become a real hassle when I moved into the literature review era...  It was like... might as well leave the Task Manager Window on since both of them programs are deemed to crash.

I read somewhere online that turning the autoformatting thing off would get the issue resolved... Unfortunately, for weeks and after I turned everything I found off... the issue remained.

Finally, a few days ago, I found the sacred path to that secret screen--hidden only from me. 8-O lol

So, in addition to word running around by itself, paying me no mind, Endnote also went on and on showing this "Server Busy" screen that keeps on popping up like the nightmare on Elm street.

What I think might have put me out of my miseries... meaning stopping the above nightmare on Elm Street is the following procedure...

1.  Go to the Endnote tab in Word and click on that tiny arrow sign at the lower right side of the "Bibliography" section.

2. "The Endnote XN Format Bibliography" pops out.

3. Click on the "Instant Formatting" tab and push the button "Turn off" to turn off instant formatting.

4.  Voila!  Once the "Instant Formatting" feature is off, keep your fingers crossed (and mine)... hoping the server error thing would go adios!

5.  One last note, once the "Instant formatting" feature is off, you would have to manually click on "Update Citations and Bibliography" to get the document formatted in whatever citation format you have chosen.

To ensure this really was what might have solved the problem, I turned the Instant Formatting feature back on to see whether I could recreate the problem... and I did... how I got the screenshot of the above Endnote "Server Busy" error message.

Bon Chance!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Grandpa Canon Resurrected--the Magic of a rubber band

During my trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong, my grandpa Canon started to act out even more.  Sometimes, it doesn't even want to stay awake... you turn it on and it goes to sleep. 8-O lol

Since the cover of the battery socket has been broken for a while and got even more "broken" during the trip, I suspected that it has to do with the batteries while I was also thinking it might have really reached the retirement age and time to find a replacement finally.

It's been like this for months... but my grandpa Canon amazingly still work and took many a gb of pictures and videos.
Then, I put a rubber band around it, trying to see whether it might help out with the battery connection problem.  Ended up, it worked... Grandpa Canon got resurrected... and might have also gotten the never-ending "change batteries" if not battery low problem sort of alleviated!  8-O lol

Resurrected is... my grandpa Canon camera... the magic of a rubber band.
If you ask me why I am still trying to figure out how to put my grandpa Canon to use since at a low price, I can find many far more powerful camera--them once-upon-a-time state of the art technologies.  Well, I just find this camera to be very interesting... broken by design and even more broken after years of usage while continuing to be function... 8-O lol (You do have to do some maneuvering to make sure the rubber band wraps around the camera in the right fashion though...)

Grandpa Canon, "Functionality? A cup of coffee."