Thursday, January 2, 2014

Canon SX280 HS video files not downloaded! 8-O

After the Turkey Day, I finally got my grandpa canon its replacement... the Canon SX280 HS with 20x optical zooming capacity!

Though I have been roaming around like a road runner, who can run not, taking pictures and video clips using the new kid in town, Canon SX280 HS, my work got my too tight up to even check the pictures that I have taken.

After making the section section of my book public yesterday afternoon, I looked outside of the window and realized that it snowed.  Finding it quite synchronous an event, I decided to take a video clip of the snow... that's how I identified an issue I otherwise would not have been able to find out for God knows how much longer a time... none of the video files were downloaded.

Ended up, what happened was that instead of upgrading to ImageBrowser EX, which didn't work too well on this machine in the sense that it took forever to launch the program, I continued to use ZoomBrowser EX program (and the affiliated media downloading components).

Unfortunately, ZoomBrowser EX seemed to have problem seeing the video files recorded using Canon SX280 HS. It might have something to do with the fact that Canon SX280 HS, by default, saves the video clips as mp4 file instead of avi files, like what Grandpa Canon did.  Not quite sure but don't really have to time to figure out what the exact reason might be for you.

One thing I know is that after I got the ImageBrowser EX installed, the video files were also downloaded successfully!

Granted, there might be different ways to get the issue resolved such as using different means to get the digital files downloaded.  It's just one way I use to get the issue of incomplete file download addressed.

Regardless, I just want you to make sure all files are downloaded if you have a newer generation camera and decide to continue using ZoomBrowser EX.

Presented to you... nothing fancy... the first video clip I downloaded successfully!