Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Strange codes on word printout?

Just encountered this issue. The text in word looks all fine in side the program.

However, when I try to print the document out, I am faced with code, or field codes more specifically. Moreover, when printing the document out, it's the same gibberish codes that got printed.

Ended up, this is because I must have checked on the "Print Field Codes instead of their value" previously when attempting to troubleshoot something else.

The issue is easy to resolve.
1. In word, click on File->Options
2. Inside of the Word Options window, click on Advanced.
3. Under the "Advanced pptions for working with Word," scroll down to Print and uncheck "Print field codes instead of their values."

C'est ça! Bon Chance!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Set up Canon Pixma printer when the router has no WPS button

I went to get a new D-LINK DIR-612 router today because the old router is really dead since I can't seem to be able to wake it up. Setting the wireless network up was a breeze.

The problem came when I was trying to connect the Canon Pixma printer to the wireless network, as directed by the running text on the screen of the printer "Press WPS button for about 5 seconds ..." while this model doesn't come with a WPS button.

Ended up, this is a step I can skip by simply pressing the "Stop" button on the printer.

After pressing the "Stop" button, I saw something like the following screen about Standard setup.

After pressing OK, the printer search automatically for access points near-by and all that I had to do was to use the arrow keys (or not) to locate my wireless network and press OK again.

Since it's a secured Wifi, it then ask me to entire the passphrase. When it's entered, mission seemingly impossible is completed ... setting up Canon Pixma printer when the router has no WPS button (while the printer asked for it).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Missing Quick style function in Picture Tools (Format) in Word?

I inserted the same picture in two word documents and was given different types of format tools.

 One has the quick style selection under the Picture Tools (Format) tab.

One doesn't have it.

After monkeying around, I realize that, in order to see the picture tools, you need to use the "Insert Picture" function provided by word as opposed to dragging the picture in directly onto the document.

C'est ca!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Continuous Section Break turned into Next Page Section Break?

In order for me to use show different text on the odd and even pages, I had to create a lot of section breaks, with some "Continuous" ones and others, "Next Page."

Unfortunately, there was this one "Continuous" section break that stubbornly insists on turning itself into a "Next Page" section break. After testing all around, I found out that the footnote in the next paragraph was the culprit.

So I found out that if I remove footnote 146 in the pix above, the continuous section break will function the way it is supposed to be.

Though it might not be the most elegant way to tackle it, at least this workaround serve the purpose for me and help me answer the question, "Why on earth is this happening to me?" 8-X

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Automatically updating cross-reference info in footnote or endnote

If you insert document information using the cross-reference function of MS word, information such as page number or heading title could be inserted automatically in the main texts or in the footnote/endnote section.

You have to be careful though because the automatically inserted information such as page number does not get updated "automatically" after you make changes to the file.  To demonstrate it to you, I deleted the first 10 pages of my file but the information in the footnote remained the same.

It's easy to get the issue resolve.

First, put the cursor inside of the footnote section and select all (ctrl+A).
Second, press F9 and a window will pop up warning you that the action is irreversible.

After you press yes, the information will get refreshed, and the updated and correct information will be shown.

So ... select all and F9. That's it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Canon PowerShot Communication Error?

Tried to connect my PowerShot SX280 HS to the computer and saw this error message at the bottom of the screen: "Communication Error."

Apparently, when it happens, it's because there are more than 1000 pictures on (the disk of) your camera. What you have to do to get the pictures downloaded is to either using a card reader to get the pictures off or making sure there are less than 1000 pictures.

An issue known by Canon.