Friday, June 14, 2013

My private smart technologies

All my "gadgets" are mighty smart...

Shall you ask how someone not even have a cellphone etc could have anything to do with smart technologies?

First, my grandpa canon is very smart... it decides where it wants to focus on and when it wants to turn itself on as opposed to showing me the no battery sign.

Then, today, the cable modem was having problems linking to the outside... After calling the company, the lady told me there was no outtage in the neighborhood and the problem I had was nothing general.

Then, I found out that... lord... what a smart technology my cable modem is!  It kept on turning itself on and off till finally it got back online... and it stopped... as I was watching "The Social Network." 8-O lol

After the internet got back on, I called the internet provider again.  So the company's gonna send a technician over tomorrow morning... I mentioned to the lady, "That cable modem was working mighty hard... kept on restarting till it finally get connected... but... could it be like me... getting older and getting a bit adama shorto?" (Rubbing off on me la! lol)

The lady went... lol... like me... lol