Monday, January 1, 2018

A cool 404 Error page

Since the day I found myself on the wrong side of the digital divide, even changing the battery for water heater is considered high tech. 

The following 404 error page is nothing high tech though the message itself is technically funny enough--for me. lol

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Windows not recognizing camera connected via USB? (Check pix number on your card.)

My laptop sort of died and I had to reinstall Windows 10. It's a shitload of job to get things together but I thought, "Alright, everything was finally set."

Then, this demonic problem happened. I tried to download photos from my SDHC Card and realized that I had to reinstall the Canon utilities for my camera.

All was installed but programs wouldn't go and my princess laptop insisted to refuse recognize my princes camera--even when the Canon installation DVD was running the setup program.

Sure, as House might tell you, there might be different etiology for the manifestation of the same symptoms. No doubt following are some of the probable causes of the recognition problem:
1. Cable connecting the camera and computer
2. USB port
3. Windows 10 64 bit OS compatibility issues
4. Driver issue for my Canon PowerShot camera
5. Other hardware or OS issue since I did bring this baby laptop back from the RIP state.

I, of course, went through one forum after another. People had similar problems but no place, not even those hosted by Microsoft or Canon.

I skipped the keyword "communication error" since I didn't see the term on either the computer or the camera screen. So I thought.

Except, when I restarted the camera a few times later, I finally noticed the "communication error" flashing at the bottom of the camera viewer like ships passing in the dark sea.

The error code shortly led me to the plausible cause, whose existence I still do not believe.

You can't connect a camera to the computer if you have more than something like 1000 pictures on it.

I switched my SDHC Card to one with fewer number of pictures on.

Voila. That damn princess laptop finally recognized the princess camera.

1000 or else number of photos? What kind of issue is that to cause recognition failure independent of the versions of MS OS and brands of cameras? (Based on what I gather from all discussion forums.)

OMG and hope it helps someone.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dark Net

I didn't know how deprived I have been feeling on the low tech side.

Then, today I heard of the Dark Net and decided to give it a try--on FB on that side.

Look at how messages were routing around -- with IP's blacking out. Damn cool! I virtually went all around Europe and more ....

The power of the dark side doesn't get me rid of my paranoid delusion that everything I do is monitored; yet, feel darn good playing with it anyways.

Now I can descend from cloud 9 and get back to work. 8-X lol