Saturday, June 30, 2012

Typing Chinese on a Mac

Was wondering about how I could type Chinese on a Mac back last summer.

Go to system preferences and click on language & text.

In the language and text window, select Input Sources and check the kinds of input methods that you prefer.

Since I am not in front of a mac, can't quite tell you which OS the screenshot was taken from.... other than... Mac OS X something....

Good luck and have fun typing in Chinese!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ratology of United Nations

It was my childhood dream to work for the United Nations regardless what I might do...

Google's implementation of country-specific URL interestingly gave me a chance to create the Ratology of UN...  8-O lol

Such as... and... everything is the same except for the domain extension of the countries.










It is yet another childhood dream of mine to teach penguins Chinese... unfortunately, Ratology not available in China yet..... bummer... 8-O

Ratology unfortunately not available in Antarctica
That is just cool... I just felt my presence in quite a few countries.... 8-O lol