Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blogger navigation bar

Just realized that there might be some glitch in blogger...

The navigation bar has disappeared...

Sehr interessant...

Updated on Aug. 1st..

Navigation bar came back...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unterwegs zur the Queen escorted by Bond to the Olympics 2012 on BBC

I heard this cool thing about how the Queen was escorted by Bond to the 2012 Olympics but didn't catch it on TV.  As a result, I went online to look for the video.  Though the clip could be found at various sources, I was having difficulties access the clip from the original source, BBC.



This post, thus, documents da unterwegs zur the clip on the Queen escorted by Bond to the Olympics.

Clip not available in Taiwan?  Might be in Japan?

Apparently, the proxy in Japan didn't help and the BBC clip is not available in Japan either.

What about the US?

The US proxy didn't help either unless it was the wrong port?

Regardless, I decided to go to the UK directly.

The UK proxy with port 80 yielded the same old message.

What about a UK proxy with port 8080?

Voila!  Finally got to view the source from the source!

This picture looks as if the Queen is staring at you... nice screenshot.

Thus, if you want to view the clip of the Queen escorted by Bond to the Olympics 2012 from the source from outside of the UK and the clip is not available in your region, all you have to do is to find a proxy in UK and, remember, port 8080!

Voila! C'est ça!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Suggestion errors in Microsoft Pinyin new experience input style

Was trying to type out the phrase 發生。

Ended up, I found an interesting error in the MS suggestion list... 發生關繫, which, in traditional Chinese should be 發生關係-- meaning had a sexual encounter。

It should be 係, rather than 繫.

Can't find a way to inform MS of the error, though.  While... interesting experience, first time encountering or observing errors in the MS suggestion list.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Online but Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Was checking out the outcome of my entry to the green card lottery and found this interesting problem...

Although I was online playing games using Chrome, I got this error message saying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" when using IE 9 64 bit.

Apparently, the error is associated with the fact that it is a HTTPS (secure) URL.  In addition to SSL, I also have to enable TLS protocol under the security section.

Click on Internet Options

Click on the Advanced tab

Enable both the SSL and TLS protocols
After getting the protocols enabled, the page got loaded successfully and, voila, here it is!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Apparently, computers affected by DNSChanger might have problems accessing the Internet starting from July 9th of 2012 because a network of rogue servers will be disabled and the computers that use the services of these rogue DNS servers to access the Internet will, thus, lose their Internet connection.

Click on the following FBI link to Check to See if Your Computer is Using Rogue DNS!

For more info, please check the FBI documentation on DNSChanger