Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creative Suite 4 Volume License Installation Problems

After my hard work on resolving the CS4 installation issue, I realised that the issue somehow was not resolved after I got to work today....

What I did was downloading all components, extracting all downloaded files, and burning them files on a DVD...

I tested the installation DVD out on the computer that the files were downloaded to using the adobe downloader and it worked.

Unfortunately, the installation DVD did not work on other computers...

After hearing that people were having problem installing the software using the DVD that I prepared, I decided to try it out using a different computer and I saw the same error message...

The valid license code somehow turned invalid on the other machine while the code still worked on the computer where I had the files first downloaded.

This observation led me to the hypothesis that some information specific to the downloading machine must have been included to the downloaded file.

Eventually, I called up Adobe for some support concerning installation problems...

After almost 30-50 minutes being put on hold, I finally spoke with someone, with the possibility that that part of operation might have been outsourced to India.... Then, this first representative transferred my call to someone else again and I was again for a long long time, put on hold, till I got someone else again... plausibly located in India...

In any case, based on the information I got from both representatives, I came to realise that, for volume licenses, one has to request an official media for the volume licenses. Unless, I suspect, every time one tries to install the software, one has to log in to the adobe account and repeat the multiple-hour process of downloading all files and extracting all files, before one can start imagine having the software installed.

One thing I could tell you after all these running around in circle like a doggie chasing its own tail is that...

One problem associated with technological advances is that people are making thing unnecessarily complicated for everyone involved... 8-O lol

Friday, May 22, 2009

Creative Suite 4

When trying to expand one of the installation files for CS4, I encounter an error message stating...

"A problem occurred while extracting the archive. Please try downloading the Adobe CS4 Design Premium again."

Ended up, the error message has something to do with one of the installer components: the ADBESTDSCS4_LS1.exe file that extracts the product installation files and the ADBESTDSCS4_LS1.7z file, an archive file containing the installation files.

When the above error message appears, there might be some problems with the 7z file. For instance, the file might not have been downloaded completely, it is in use or the file is corrupted.

Check the following page for solutions recommended by Adobe.com:


After I completed an initial test, checking the check-sum of the ADBESTDSCS4_LS1.7z file using the MD5 utility recommended by Adobe. It was found that the check-sum values do not match, which means I need to find a way to download the 7z file again.

By browsing through the Adobe website, I found that the company does not provide an option to people to download the entire CS 4 (although it is available for individual applilcations).

Luckily, I found this page that provides the actual path to the ADBESTDSCS4_LS1.7z file on Adobe website:


(If you have an Adobe account that allow you to download the 7z file, it would be much easier if simply log in to that account and you don't need the above link. Unfortunately, my boss is not here right now and this is the reason why I have to find an alternative way to download the file.)

It took about an hour and half to download the file ADBESTDSCS4_LS1.7z from a computer located inside of the network of an higher ed institution (high speed in other words).

After the file is downloaded, put it inside the same folder where the ADBESTDSCS4_LS1.exe.

Click on the file ADBESTDSCS4_LS1.exe and the process of file extraction shall begin.