Monday, February 2, 2015

Seeing is believing--really?

If you lived in France, and I tell you that the google doodle on the google search page today is a picture by a Taiwanese artist, Mr. Chen Cheng-Po, who was born in the Qing dynasty, grew up during the Japanese Occupation Period, and died in the 228 incident.

Chen Cheng-po's 120th Birthday

You'd say that I am crazy because this is what you see:

110th Anniversary of first publication of Bécassine

Yet, for everyone else such as those in the US, they'd say we both are crazy because the good old google icon is what's sitting on the webpage:

The reality is that nobody else is crazy save for me; even so, I am not seeing things not there.

What happened is that it's not until today that I realize that some gooogle doodles can only be seen in specific regions.

Think it's pretty cool a discovery--at least for me.

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